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mid-Oct.: Pembridge

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At Pembridge, Hereford, the Union agent sent the crier round to announce a meeting. A farmer named Abel met him and took his bell away, and would not allow him to "cry". The poor crier, being blind, of course could not resist.. I wonder how a poor man would fare who had dared to do such a thing in order to prevent a farmer's sale? (p. 2)

[Included in a list of forthcoming meetings are appearances by Russell and Jordan: Ledbury/22nd; Putley/23rd; Mordiford/24th; Stoke Edith/25th; Withington/26th; Llangarren/31st; New Harewood's End/Nov. 1st; Russell and Arch at Warwick/4th. (p. 8)]

Edwin Russell, Reports in the Labourers' Union Chronicle , No. 10 (Oct. 26, 1872), pp. 2-8

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