Descriptive gazetteer entries

In 1882-4, Frances Groome's Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland described Clydesdale like this:

Clydesdale, either the entire basin of the Clyde or the immediate valley of the river, or the part of that valley within Lanarkshire, or the section of the valley between Lanark and Bothwell. The first and second of these senses of the name are ancient and almost obsolete. The third is still in use, designating a region famous for mineral wealth, for manufacturing industry, and for a splendid breed of cart-horses. The fourth, too, is still in use, characterising a famous orchard region. Clydesdale gives the title ...

Marquis (cre. 1643), in the peerage of Scotland, to the Duke of Hamilton. See Clvde and Lanarksiiire.

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Travel writing

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Place Mentioned in Travel Writing Mentioned in Hist. Gazetteer
Wiston 0 3
Carmichael 0 2
Roberton 0 2
Lamington 0 3
Hyndford 0 2
Covington 0 2
Symington 0 2
Douglas 1 2
Pettinain 0 2
Lanark 6 4
Abington 0 2
Crawfordjohn 0 2
Culter 0 2
Kirkfieldbank 0 3
Libberton 0 2
Lesmahagow 0 4
Cleghorn 0 2
Nemphlar 0 2
Carstairs 0 2
Cartland 0 2