nCube Groups

nCubes Groups are used to group together related nCubes. For example, two-dimensional nCubes combining age and sex record population age structures and are presented as population pyramids, but are based on many different categorisations of age, each defined as a different DDS variable. Just as all these age variables are assembled into a single 'Age' Variable Group, the different 'population pyramid' nCubes are assembled into a single nCube Group.

The following nCube Groups are currently defined:

Entity IDEntity Name
NG_AGCEN_ANIMALS Agricultural Census Farm Animal Statistics
NG_AGCEN_CATTLE Agricultural Census Farm Cattle Statistics
NG_AGCEN_CROP Agricultural Census Crop Statistics
NG_AGCEN_GRASS Agricultural Census Statistics for Grassland & Rough Grazing
NG_AGCEN_HOLDINGS Agricultural Census Statistics on Land Holdings
NG_AGCEN_HORSES Agricultural Census Farm Horse Statistics
NG_AGCEN_PIGS Agricultural Census Farm Pig Statistics
NG_AGCEN_POULTRY Agricultural Census Farm Poultry Statistics
NG_AGCEN_SHEEP Agricultural Census Farm Sheep Statistics
NG_AGCEN_WORKERS Agricultural Census Farm Worker Statistics
NG_CoD Cause of Death Statistics
NG_CoD_DS Decennial Cause of Death Statistics