1971 Census of England and Wales, County Report Part I (Sample Report Title: Census 1971: England and Wales: County Report: (Laid before Parliament pursuant to Section 4 (1), Census Act 1920) Bedfordshire Part I), Table 3 : " Area, population, private households and occupied rooms for AC, LAA, Wards, CP in RD, Con Centres, NT".

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Area (Hectares)
Persons per Hectare
England and Wales Dep Total   15,113,292 Show data context 38,070,097 Show data context 48,749,575 Show data context 23,682,980 Show data context 25,066,595 Show data context 3 Show data context
England Dep Drill-down 13,036,995 Show data context 35,426,074 Show data context 46,018,371 Show data context 22,355,473 Show data context 23,662,898 Show data context 3 Show data context
Wales Dep Drill-down 2,076,297 Show data context 2,644,023 Show data context 2,731,204 Show data context 1,327,507 Show data context 1,403,697 Show data context 1 Show data context

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This website does not try to provide an exact replica of the original printed census tables, which often had thousands of rows and far more columns than will fit on our web pages. Instead, we let you drill down from national totals to the most detailed data available. The column headings are those that appeared in the original printed report. The numbers presented here, which are the same ones we use to create statistical maps and graphs, come from the census table and have usually been carefully checked.

The system can only hold statistics for units listed in our administrative gazetteer, so some rows from the original table may be missing. Sometimes big low-level units, like urban parishes, were divided between more than one higher-level units, like Registration sub-Districts. This is why some pages will give a higher figure for a lower-level unit: it covers the whole of the lower-level unit, not just the part within the current higher-level unit.


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