Groupings of Political Parties

Election of 23rd Feb, 1950
Party Votes Outcome
Conservative 17075
Labour 15996
Liberal 2005

More information about the 1950 General Election is available here.

Election of 25th Oct, 1951
Party Votes Outcome
Conservative 18553
Labour 16210

More information about the 1951 General Election is available here.

Election of 26th May, 1955
Party Votes Outcome
Conservative 19846
Labour 15543

More information about the 1955 General Election is available here.

Election of 8th Oct, 1959
Party Votes Outcome
Conservative 16567
Labour 14483
Liberal 2583

More information about the 1959 General Election is available here.

Election of 22nd Nov, 1962
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 8303
Conservative 6935
Liberal 5000
Nationalist 2562
Left 217

This was a by-election.

Election of 15th Oct, 1964
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 13521
Conservative 11954
Liberal 2443
Nationalist 1600
Left 88

More information about the 1964 General Election is available here.

Election of 31st Mar, 1966
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 13540
Conservative 11202
Nationalist 1916
Left 122

More information about the 1966 General Election is available here.

Election of 18th Jun, 1970
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 10785
Conservative 10071
Nationalist 1912

More information about the 1970 General Election is available here.

The election result data we hold includes over two hundred party labels, so we have simplified them to these seven simple categories. Of course, most candidates in most elections, and almost every candidate who won, was standing for one of the main parties, but an enormous range of labels have been used by one or two candidates. These groupings have been defined based almost entirely on the party labels, rather than detailed research into party policies, but including words like 'Labour' or 'Conservative' in yo...

ur party label says a lot about where you stand, and even more about the people voting for you. 'Left' means broadly speaking candidates to the left of the Liberal or Labour parties, 'Right' candidates to the right of the Conservatives. 'Nationalist' means any kind of nationalist, even for the Isle of Wight.

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