Method of travel to work for Local Authorities in Scotland in 2011

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Method of travel to work for Local Authorities in Scotland in 2011
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Paula Aucott
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   Local Government District Type
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. These data were obtained from table "QS701SC - Method of Travel to Work" for Local Authorities from the 2011 Census of Population. The data was downloaded on 17th November 2015 in spreadsheet format from the Standard Outputs part of the Scotland's Census website operated by the National Records of Scotland. They are under Crown Copyright, but are made available for use under an Open Government Licence.


  1. The data contained a caveat about accuracy due to data protection. This may affect results from the check sums: "In order to protect against disclosure of personal information, some records have been swapped between different geographic areas. Some cell values will be affected, particularly small values at the most detailed geographies." More details on Census disclosure control strategy may be found on their page about Confidentiality.
  2. This table covers local authority units which in Scotland are Scottish Council Areas.


  1. The statistical data have not been checked.
  2. The geographical units have been cross-checked against the GBHGIS administrative unit gazetteer to ensure that all units are correctly identified. The unit names and types have been standardised. Each unit has a unique unit ID assigned to it and this can be used to cross-reference against other data-sets.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
trav_2011_s_method_pkey Primary key rec_num
trav_2011_s_method_g_unit_idx Unique g_unit, rec_num
trav_2011_s_method_lau_idx Unique g_name, lg_type, rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

trav_2011_s_method_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

lau_name Text string (max.len.=104). Name of the Local Authority as it appeared in the original table.
lg_type Text string (max.len.=16). Type of unit.
g_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for local authority unit from the auo gazetteer.
g_name Text string (max.len.=104). Standardised name of local authority (preferred English name as given in the auo gazetteer).
tot_16_74 Integer number. All Usual Residents Aged 16 to 74
home Integer number. Work Mainly at or From Home
underground Integer number. Travel to work by Underground, Metro, Light Rail, Tram
train Integer number. Travel to work by Train
bus Integer number. Travel to work by Bus, Minibus or Coach
taxi Integer number. Travel to work by Taxi
drive Integer number. Travel to work by Driving a Car or Van
passenger Integer number. Travel to work by Passenger in a Car or Van
motorcycle Integer number. Travel to work by Motorcycle, Scooter or Moped
bicycle Integer number. Travel to work by Bicycle
foot Integer number. Travel to work by On Foot
trav_other Integer number. Other Method of Travel to Work
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.