St Margaret and St John RegD/PLU: Census Tables

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The statistical themes listed on the St Margaret and St John home page are based mainly on census information and show how the Poor Law Union/Reg. District changed over time. This page gives you access to the Census Reports section of the website, which reconstructs selected original tables, but takes you straight to listings for St Margaret and St John, which may also cover lower level units within the Poor Law Union/Reg. District.

These listings show the statistics used in the theme pages in their original context, but they sometimes also include additional statistics which we have not yet included within the themes, such as much more detailed occupational categories. This is probably part of the site to explore once you have had a good look at our statistical themes, which do more of the work for you.

Census Report Table
1851 Ages [1]: "Ages of the People".
1851 Education. England and Wales 2: "Number of Day and Sunday Schools in the 624 Districts or Unions, classified according to their sources of maintenance".
1851 Population tables 2 [1]: "Population Abstract".
1861 Ages 17: "Occupations of Males aged 20 Years and upwards in Districts".
1861 Ages 18: "Occupations of Females aged 20 Years and upwards in Districts".
1861 Ages 3: "Ages of Males and Females in Sub-Districts".