Type details for District/Unitary Authority

Type:District/Unitary Authority
Number of units in system: 442
Geographical Level: 8 (Higher-level District)
ADL Feature Type:countries, 3rd order divisions
May be part of: CfC Primary Urban Area , Modern (post 1974) County , Government Office Region
May have as parts: Local Govt. Ward
May have succeeded: Scottish County , Local Government District , Poor Law/Registration County , Administrative County , Ancient County
Possible status values: City , Unitary Authority (UA) , Titular County (County)

Full Description:

In 1974 England and Wales were divided into Metorpolitan and Non-Metropolitan Counties and London Boroughs for the purposes of local government. These Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Counties were in turn divided up into either a single district or several districts that each had its own district council. During the 1990s the reorganisation of local government introduced Unitary Authorities which were directly reposonsible for all aspects of Local Government. These operated alongside the remaining Non-Unitary Authorities (former counties) and districts. The units in England were contained within Government Office Regions, Wales was completely divided into Unitary Authorities while Scotland was divided into 32 Council Areas. There are some irregularities; if the council of an Unitary Authority coincides with a ancient county, city or borough it is referred to as a 'county council', 'city council' or 'borough council' respectively. Also Greater London does not have a county council but a Greater London Authority that co-ordinates the 32 London Borough councils.