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Sept. 18 to 26: Little Barrington and Witherington

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STONEFIELD.— On Wednesday, Sept. 18th, Messrs. Russell and Pill, delegates of the National Union proceeded from Fairford in Gloucestershire, to Stonefield, where they held a Union tea meeting and demonstration. Mr. Holloway, the secretary of the district had the management of it, and it was a great success, the weather being fine a good many came from the surrounding villages. A band of music enlivened the day's proceedings, and at night the public meeting was well attended, more than 1000 being present. Mr. Holloway, Mr. Russell, and Mr. Hitchcox of Charlbury were the speakers on the occasion.

MILTON.— On Thursday, Sept. 19th, another large demonstration was held here. — the weather was a little unfavourable or it would have been a grand affair; large numbers of people assembled at an early hour in the day. A procession was formed and paraded the village streets. Then a tea meeting took place in a large tent erected in a field kindly lent for the occasion. Three times the tent was filled with parties sitting down to tea, the band playing cheerful strains. Good humour prevailed whilst one party waited for another. There could not be less than 2,000 at the speaking at night. Mr. Leggett, Mr. Holloway, Mr. Hemming, Mr. Hynes and Mr. Russell, were the advocates on the occasion, and altogether the day's proceedings gave great satisfaction and was a grand success.

SHERBORNE.— On Friday, 20th Sept., a meeting was held in the open air at Sherborne where the men mustered in great force, and listened very attentively to an address which Mr. Russell delivered. Some of the wavering and half-hearted were convinced of the righteousness of their cause, and joined the ranks; others were confirmed in Union principles and were determined to persevere in spite of consequences, although notices of ejectment have been served on several because they have joined the union.

LITTLE BARRINGTON.— On September 25th, a good meeting was held here. The proceedings were commenced at seven o'clock. A false tale had been circulated to the effect that Mr. Russell, the Union delegate had gone somewhere else, and so there would be no meeting at Barrington. When the meeting commenced there were not many people there, but as the night went on the number increased until there were 500 present. It was a good affair, the people are in earnest, — and the Union is making great headway.

WITHERINGTON.— A good Union meeting was held here on Thursday, Sept. 26th. A carpenter's long shed had been cleared out, and this was placed at the labourers' disposal; candles were lighted, and the people assembled in good numbers. Mr. Hemming and Mr. Russell addressed the assembly. Warm plaudits and ringing cheers greeted them from a sympathising audience.

Edwin Russell, Reports in the Labourers' Union Chronicle , No. 7 (Oct. 5, 1872), p. 6

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