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    VIRGINIA WATER LG_Ward Parish-level Unit EGHAM UD (Local Government District)
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    Place name County Entry Source
    BALLINTEMPLE Cavan Virginia to Killyshandra, and comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, including 54 ¼under water, 10,657 ¾ statute acres Lewis:Ireland
    Bishopsgate Surrey HAMLET, on NW. border of Surrey, adjacent to Windsor Park, and near Virginia Water. Here Shelley, the poet, wrote his "Alastor.. Bartholomew
    BISHOPSGATE Surrey Windsor, near Virginia water. It lies amid charming scenery; and was the place where the poet Shelley wrote his "Alaster." Imperial
    CAVAN Cavan water The population, in 1821, was 195,076; and in 1831, 228,050. According to Ptolemy, this tract, with the districts included in the adjacent counties of Leitrim and Fermanagh, was occupied by the Erdini , designated in the Irish language Ernaigh , traces of which name are yet preserved in that of Lough Erne and the river Erne , upon which and their tributaries these districts border. This district, exclusively of the greater part of the present county of Fermanagh, formed also the ancient principality of Breghne , Brefine , Breifne , Breffny , or Brenny , as it has been variously spelt, which had recognised limits Lewis:Ireland
    EGHAM Surrey Virginia-Water is approached, by permission, through the grounds of an inn by the road-side. See Virginia-Water. Camo Imperial
    Glasgow Lanarkshire
    Virginia merchant named Buchanan, and stood on the site now occupied by the Union Bank. Miller Street (N) was opened in 1771, and got its name from the proprietor of the ground. It was also intended for mansions, and Mr Buchanan in his Desultory Sketches of Glasgow tells how when it was first laid out no feus were taken off for some time, as it was considered too far out of town, a statement that gives a far better idea of the increase in size of Glasgow within the last century than pages of description. Dunlop Street Groome
    GRANARD Longford Virginia; containing 10,315 inhabitants. This place, of which the name is a compound of the Irish words Grian, the "sun," and Ard, an "eminence," is supposed to have been at a remote period one of the stations appropriated to the celebration of idolatrous worship. In 1315 it was burned by the Scots under Edward Brace, and appears to have first risen to importance as a town in the reign of Jas. I., who, in 1612, granted to Sir Francis Shaen some annual fairs, to which were added a grant of a market to Sir Francis Aungier, and also Lewis:Ireland
    Greenock Renfrewshire water lake (as the outlet to the sea is not visible), with numbers of large and small vessels sailing upon it. Next to this, the opposite coast of Dumbarton and Argyllshire, abounding in gentlemen's seats, meets the eye, and the prospect is terminated by the western range of the Grampian Mountains at unequal distances, and so ragged and craggy on the tops, that, by way of contrast, they are called here by the emphatical name of the Duke of Argyll's Bowling Green. Along the skirts of the hills there are many eligible situations for those who have Groome
    Greenock Renfrewshire water in the `Through-let' being quite insufficient in its present state to admit of vessels of any considerable burden passing that way. The width of the channel, opposite to the harbour of Greenock, does not much exceed 300 yards. Ascending, it rapidly diminishes in width, -a circumstance which, but for the application of steam to the towing of ships, must have presented for ever an insuperable obstacle to the progress of the trade of Glasgow. Prior to the Reformation Greenock was comprehended in the parish of Innerkip, and being at a great distance from the parish church, the inhabitants Groome
    HENSTRIDGE Somerset Virginia inn, at Henstridge-Ash, is said to have been the place where Sir Walter Raleigh first smoked a pipe of tobacco in England; and a tradition is current that the waiter supposing him to be on fire, dashed over him a pail of water Imperial
    KILLENCARE, or KILLENKERE Cavan Virginia; containing 7600 inhabitants. This parish, which is also called Killinskere, comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 15,962 ¼ statute acres, of which 131 ¼ are water Lewis:Ireland
    KINSALE, or KINGSALE Cork Virginia and Barbadoes fleets, till an opportunity was found of convoying them in safety to their respective ports. On various subsequent occasions,especially during the last war, this port has been a rendezvous for large squadrons of the British navy and for homeward and outward bound East and West India fleets. The town is pleasantly and advantageously situated near the mouth of the river Bandon, anciently called the Glaslin or Glasson, which here forms a capacious and secure harbour. The streets rise in a singular and irregular manner on the acclivity of an eminence called Compass Hill, the houses ranging Lewis:Ireland
    LAVAY, or LOWEY Cavan Virginia; containing 6305 inhabitants. According to the Ordnance survey it comprises 10,679 statute acres, of which 76 ½ are water Lewis:Ireland
    LURGAN Cavan Virginia (which is separately described), 6387 inhabitants. It comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 11,327 ¾ statute acres, including 922 ¾ acres of water Lewis:Ireland
    PLYMOUTH Devon water-works forit, which still exist, and draw their supplies from a distance of 24 miles in Dartmoor. The fleet of 120 men ofwar, collected against the Spanish armada in 1588, tookanchorage in P. sound, and sailed out thence, on sight of the armada, to chase and disperse it. Twenty-two chests of Papal bulls and indulgences, which had beentaken from a discomfited party of Spanish invadersin Cornwall, were publicly burnt in 1595 in P. market-place. The fleet for the expedition against Cadiz rendezvoused in the sound in 1596. Sir Walter Raleighsailed hence, on his expedition to Guiana Imperial
    Sanquhar Dumfries Shire Virginia. The weaving of carpets has also greatly declined; and brick and tile making, coal-mining, and the manufacture of shovels now constitute the leading industries. Sanquhar has a post office, with money order, savings' bank, and telegraph departments, branches of the British Linen Co. and Royal Banks, a local savings' bank (1819), 10 insurance agencies, 2 hotels, gas and water Groome
    Virginia Water Surrey Virginia Water , eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Egham par., Surrey, 2½ miles NW. of Chertsey and 23 SW. of London Bartholomew
    VIRGINIA-WATER Surrey Virginia-Water lake here lies in the S of Windsor forest; is the largest artificial sheet of water in England Imperial
    Windsor (New) Berkshire Virginia Water, the largest artificial lake in England. Windsor was incorporated by Edward I. It returns 1 member to Parl Bartholomew
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