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    Unit Name Type of Unit Containing Unit (and Type)
    SAFFRON HILL LG_Ward Parish-level Unit HOLBORN MetB (Local Government District)
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    Place name County Entry Source
    CHERRY-HINTON Cambridgeshire hills, 2¼ miles ESE of Cambridge. It has a post office under Cambridge. Acres, 2, 043. Real property, £4, 942. Pop., 734. Houses, 157. The property is divided among a few. Cherry-trees were once plentiful; saffron Imperial
    Ely Place and Ely Rents London Ely Place and Ely Rents , 2 liberties, within Finsbury parl. bor., London. See SAFFRON HILL, &c. Bartholomew
    ELY-PLACE and ELY-RENTS Middlesex mile NW of St. Pauls. Acres, with Saffron-Hill and Hatton-Garden, 30. Pop., with these places, 7, 148. Houses, 643. Imperial
    ENFIELD Middlesex Saffron-Walden abbey; had a chantry, which was converted into a vestry; and contains some fine old monuments. The vicarages of St. James-Enfield-Highway, Jesus' Chapel-Forty-Hill Imperial
    ESSEX Essex hill and Danebury camp; and these have an altitude of about 620 feet. Much of the surface, from combination of natural feature and artificial embellishment, exhibits a pleasing and ever-varying succession of rural landscapes. The chief rivers, besides those which run on the boundaries, are the Colne, the Blackwater, the Chelmer, the Crouch, the Roding, the Ingerburn, the Wid, and the Brain. The geognostic formation of much of the sea-board is fresh-water deposit; of most of the rest of the county is London clay; and of the tract around Castle Hedingham and Thaxted, and thence Imperial
    FINSBURY Middlesex Saffron-Hill, Hatton-Garden, Ely-Place, and Ely-Rents, and parts of Clerkenwell, St. Andrew-Holborn, St. Sepulchre, and Furnivals Imperial
    Glasgow Lanarkshire
    Hill, flanking the N side of Sauchiehall Street, near the centre, rises so steeply in some parts as to be very inconvenient for carriages and traffic, but is nevertheless covered with streets of a genteel class. It commands views of the city and south-western suburbs better and more extensive than even those from Blythswood Square. The western part of Sauchiehall Street and the districts round are known collectively as the Crescents. The district measures about 5 furlongs by 3, and contains numerous terraces which are well and uniformly built with houses of good style, mostly varieties of Italian Groome
    HATTON-GARDEN Middlesex Saffron Hill, Ely-Rents, and Ely-Place, in London. Acres, with these liberties, 30. Pop., with these liberties, in 1851, 8, 728; in 1861, 7, 148. Houses Imperial
    Hill Green Essex Hill Green , hamlet, Clavering par., W. Essex, 5 miles SW. of Saffron Walden. Bartholomew
    HOLBORN Middlesex Saffron-Hill, containing the chapelry of Saffron-Hill, the extra-parochial place of the Charterhouse, and 20 acres of the parish Imperial
    HORNDON-ON-THE-HILL Essex hill, 1¼ mile NW of Stanford-le-Hope r. station, and 2 ENE of Orsett; has a fine prospect along the Thames to London and to the sea; is an ancient place; was formerly a market town; and has now a post office, ‡ under Romford, London E, and a fair on 29 June.—The parish comprises 2, 634 acres. Real property, £3, 734. Pop., 522. Houses, 101. The property is much subdivided. A farm bears the name of Saffron Imperial
    LONDON London
    Saffron Hill, ', respectively £16,324, £3,978, and £25,129; St. AnneSoho, St. Paul. Covent-garden, the Savoy Imperial
    RADWINTER Essex Saffron-Walden. Real property, £5, 365. Pop., 946. Houses, 214. The property is much subdivided. Radwinter Hall, Bendysh Hall, and the Hill Imperial
    RIDDUCKS-HILL Essex RIDDUCKS-HILL , a hamlet in Ashdon parish, Essex; 3 miles N E of Saffron-Walden. Imperial
    Hill and around the castle. A wooden bridge, of un-ascertained antiquity, crossed the Medway, in a line with High-street; was defended, at its E end, by a woodentower and strong gates; and continued in use till the 15thyear of Richard II. A stone bridge, about 40 yardsnearer the castle, succeeded the wooden one; was 560 feet long, and 24 feet wide between the parapets; hadeleven arches; and continued in use till 1856. An ironbridge, on the site of the wooden one, was erected in 1857-8, at a cost of £200,000; has a centre arch Imperial
    SAFFRON-HILL Middlesex SAFFRON-HILL , a liberty and a sub-district in Holborn district, Middlesex; all forming a dense and centralportion of the metropolis Imperial
    Saffron Hill, Hatton Gardens, Ely Rents, and Ely Place Middlesex Saffron Hill, Hatton Gardens, Ely Rents, and Ely Place , par., Middlesex, in bor. of Finsbury, 30 ac., pop. 31??80. Bartholomew
    SAFFRON-WALDEN Essex saffron around it, the latter part, from the words Weald and Dun, signifying "a forest" and "a hill; "dates from Imperial
      hills. Copper is met with in many places, especially to the SE of Cabul. Iron ore is abundant throughout the Hindu-kush, and in Bamian; and coal has recently been discovered in Kohat near Peshawur, and also in Cutch. Alum is made from the clay at Kallabagh, where are also cliffs of rock-salt. Manufactures. ] The manufactures of A. consist chiefly of leather, saddlery, coarse hardware, and cutlery, felt, carpets, coarse cottons, fine woollen shawls, and silks; but little or nothing is manufactured for export. Commerce. ] A. being a mountainous inland country, without a single navigable river, and containing RussianGaz
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