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    GLASS HOUGHTON LG_Ward Parish-level Unit CASTLEFORD MB/UD (Local Government District)
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    Place name County Entry Source
    CASTLEFORD Yorkshire Glass-Houghton. Acres, 2,040. Real property, £11,395. Pop., 4,365. Houses, 926. The property is much subdivided Imperial
    DARLINGTON County Durham glass manufactures, and locomotive engine establishments; and much trade is done in connexion with railway transit, and through contiguity with the mining districts of South Durham, West Durham and Cleveland. The famous bull "Comet" was sold here for £1, 050. The town gives the title of Earl to the Duke of Cleveland; and it sends one member to parliament. Pop. in 1851, 11, 228; in 1861, 15, 781. Houses, 2, 683. The township contains also the hamlet of Oxneyfield. Acres, 3, 569. Real property, £243, 073; of which £186, 642 are in railways, £429 in quarries Imperial
    DUBLIN Dublin glass, sail-cloth, canvas, turpentine, vitriol, vinegar, soap, starch, size, glue, paper, parchment, vellum, hats, also silk and calico-printing, and in Dublin is made the celebrated Lundyfoot snuff by Messrs. Lundy Foot & Co. Several acts of parliament have at different periods been passed for improving the port of Dublin, the last of which, 26th of George III., constituted the present corporation for " preserving and improving the port of Dublin," commonly known by the name of the Ballast Board, in which was vested the care, management, and superintendence of the whole of the river and the walls bounding Lewis:Ireland
    Durham County Durham glass, and earthenware; shipbuilding and sail-making; paper-making; woollen and worsted stuffs, &c. There are also large ironworks and machine factories. Durham has great facilities of transport. The co. comprises 4 wards, 269 pars., the parl. and mun. bors. of Darlington, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool, South Shields (1 member each), and Sunderland (2 members), the greater part of the parl. and mun. bor. of Stockton (1 member), and the mun. bor. of Jarrow. It is entirely in the diocese of Durham. For parl. purposes it is divided into 8 divisions, viz., Jarrow, Houghton Bartholomew
    ELY Cambridgeshire glass, painting, carving, and polychromy, especially in the octagon and the choir, are very rich, and have been undergoing much enhancement in the current repairs and restorations. The principal monuments are a coffin-lid of black marble, of the 12th century, in the choir-ambulatory; effigies or tombs of Bishops Northwold, Alcock, West, Gray, Red-mayne, Goodrich, and Hotham, in the choir; and monuments of Bishops Kilkenny, Barnet, Heton, and De Louth, Cardinal Luxemburg, and an Earl of Worcester, in the presbytery. The chapter-house has disappeared. The vestry was built in 1200 15; and contains a figured green velvet Imperial
    Glasgow Lanarkshire
    glass was begun in 1777 by Messrs Cookson & Co. of Newcastle, and under other firms is still carried on with great vigour. The earthenware manufacture was commenced at Delftfield, near the Broomielaw, in 1748. This was the first pottery in Scotland, but for a long period the quality was decidedly inferior to the English make, and the goods produced only of the lowest quality, and the consumption in consequence mostly local. Since, however, about 1829, and more especially since 1842, the manufacture has been greatly increased and improved. New establishments have been erected, and the productions have attained Groome
    Glass Houghton Yorkshire Glass Houghton , township, Castleford par., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles NE. of Pontefract, 1079 ac., pop. 1049; P.O. Bartholomew
    Houghton, Glass Yorkshire Houghton, Glass , township and vil., Castleford par., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles NW. of Pontefract, 1079 ac., pop. 1049; P.O. Bartholomew
    HOUGHTON-GLASS Yorkshire HOUGHTON-GLASS , a township in Castleford parish, W. R. Yorkshire; 2 miles NW of Pontefract. Acres, 1, 500. Real property Imperial
    LIVERPOOL Lancashire glass, and has an inner ornamental glazing, with gold fret border and star centre. A bronze monument to Nelson, originally situated in the centre of the Exchange- square, has been removed to a site a few yards nearer the Town-hall, mid distance between the E and the W towers of the new buildings; and is placed on a handsome granite pedestal, 6 feet high, adorned with perforated panels, through which fresh air passes into a circular shaft round the base of the monument, and is conveyed thence to apparatus for warming the news-room. The monument was designed Imperial
    NEWPORT-PAGNELL Buckinghamshire glass windows; and was thoroughly restored in 1828. The churchyard contains an epitaph by Cowper to T. A. Hamilton. The dissenting chapels are Independent, Baptist, Quaker, Primitive Methodist, and Wesleyan. A theological academy was founded in 1764, but is now extinct. The public cemetery is pleasantly situated near the church; was opened in 1861; and has a neat brick mortuary chapel. The charity school was founded by Dr. Atterbury, brother of Bishop Atterbury; is for 20 girls; and has a land-endowment in Great Houghton Imperial
    NORFOLK Norfolk glass-making, is obtained between Snettisham and Castle-Rising; and peat, both for manure and for fuel, is plentiful in the fens. A petrifying spring is at Deepham; mineral springs are at Aylsham and Reffley; and a chalybeate spa, resembling the waters of Tunbridge-Wells, is at Thetford. The principal rivers, besides those on the boundaries, are the Ouse, going northward to the Wash at King's Lynn; the Wissey and the Nar, going westward to the Ouse; the Wensum, going south-eastward to the Yare at Norwich; the Yare, going eastward from Shipdam, past Norwich, to the boundary Imperial
    YORK Yorkshire glass. St. Helen's occupies the site of a temple to Diana, and has a handsome octagonal lantern-tower. St. Lawrence' was partly ruined in the civil war, and has a Norman doorway. St. Martin's-in-Coney-street is later English. St. Mary's-Bishopshill-Junior retains traces of early English, and has a tower either Saxon or anciently reconstructed on a Saxon model. St. Maurice' is partly later English and in bad condition; and was designed, in 1869, to be rebuilt on an enlarged plan. Holy Trinity-Kings-Court, or Christchurch, was rebuilt, excepting part Imperial
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