Descriptive gazetteer entries

These other entries in our collection of descriptive gazetteers are also about Ripon. You may be able to find further references to Ripon in the descriptive gazetteers by doing a full-text search here.

Place Type of entry Source
RIPON a city, a township, a parish, a sub-district, a district, a liberty, and a diocese Imperial

This additional information from our descriptive gazetteers is for locations within the parish or parishes associated with Ripon.

Place Type of entry Source
ALDFIELD a township and a chapelry Imperial
Bewerley township Bartholomew
BEWERLEY a township Imperial
Bishop Monckton township and ecclesiastical district Bartholomew
BISHOP-MONKTON a township-chapelry Imperial
Bishopside, High and Low township Bartholomew
BISHOPSIDE (High and Low) a township Imperial
BISHOP-THORNTON a township-chapelry Imperial
Bishopton township Bartholomew
BISHOPTON a township Imperial
Bridge Hewick township Bartholomew
BRIDGE-HEWICK a township Imperial
Clotherholme township Bartholomew
CLOTHERHOLME a township Imperial
Copt Hewick township Bartholomew
COPT-HEWICK a township Imperial
Cowbush hamlet Bartholomew
COWBUSH a hamlet Imperial
Dacre township and railway station Bartholomew
Dolebank hamlet Bartholomew
DOLEBANK a hamlet Imperial
Eavestone township Bartholomew
EAVESTONE a township Imperial
Fellbeck hamlet Bartholomew
FELL-BECK a hamlet Imperial
Fountains Abbey monastic ruin Bartholomew
Gilmoor hamlet Bartholomew
Givendale township Bartholomew
GIVENDALE, or Gwendale a township Imperial
Grantley township Bartholomew
GRANTLEY a township Imperial
Hardgate hamlet Bartholomew
HARDGATE a hamlet Imperial
Hayshaw hamlet Bartholomew
HAYSHAW a hamlet Imperial
Heights hamlet Bartholomew
HOWGRAVE a township Imperial
Hungate hamlet Bartholomew
HUNGATE a hamlet Imperial
Hutton Conyers township Bartholomew
HUTTON-CONYERS a township, formerly extraparochial Imperial
Ingerthorpe township Bartholomew
LINDRICK a township Imperial
Lindrick with Studley Royal and Fountains township Bartholomew
Littlethorpe village Bartholomew
LITTLETHORPE a village Imperial
Markingfield Hall township Bartholomew
Markington ecclesiastical district and village Bartholomew
MARKINGTON a village, a township, and a chapelry Imperial
Markington with Wallerthwaite township Bartholomew
MULWITH a township Imperial
Newby hamlet Bartholomew
Newby with Mulwith township Bartholomew
NEWBY-WITH-MULWITH a township Imperial
NUNWICK-WITH-HOWGRAVE a township Imperial
Pastures hamlet Bartholomew
PASTURES (North) a hamlet Imperial
RAIKES a hamlet Imperial
Raventofts hamlet Bartholomew
Risplith hamlet Bartholomew
SAWLEY a township-chapelry, with a village and four hamlets Imperial
SHAROW a township and a chapelry Imperial
SHAW-MILL a hamlet Imperial
Shaw Mills hamlet Bartholomew
Skelden township Bartholomew
SKELDING a township Imperial
Skelton township and village Bartholomew
SKELTON a township-chapelry, with a village Imperial
Skelton cum Newby ecclesiastical district Bartholomew
SLEMINGFORD a hamlet Imperial
Sleningford hamlet Bartholomew
Stainley, North ecclesiastical district Bartholomew
STAINLEY (North) a township and a chapelry Imperial
Studley Roger township Bartholomew
STUDLEY-ROGER and S.-ROYAL two townships Imperial
Studley Royal seat Bartholomew
Sutton Grange township Bartholomew
SUTTON-GRANGE a township Imperial
Thorpe Bartholomew
THORPE a hamlet Imperial
WALLERTHWAITE a hamlet Imperial
Warsill township Bartholomew
Westwick township Bartholomew
WESTWICK a township Imperial
Whitcliffe with Thorpe township Bartholomew
WHITCLIFFE-WITH-THORPE a township Imperial
Whitehouses hamlet Bartholomew
Wilsill hamlet Bartholomew
WINKSLEY a township and a chapelry Imperial

Travel writing

This website includes the complete texts of books describing journeys around Britain, written between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries. Selecting one of the links below will take you to the first reference to Ripon within the selected text. This will not always be a description of a visit: travellers often mention places other than where they are, for example as a basis for comparison.

Traveller Section No. of Refs.
Daniel Defoe Letter 8, Part 4: Leeds and North Yorkshire 16
William Camden Yorkshire: West Riding 3
Daniel Defoe Letter 2, Part 2: Canterbury and Sussex 1
Daniel Defoe Letter 8, Part 1: The Trent Valley 1
Daniel Defoe Letter 8, Part 3: South and West Yorkshire 1
Daniel Defoe Letter 9: Eastern Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland 1
Celia Fiennes 1697 Tour: York and Scarborough 1

This website includes two large libraries, of historical travel writing and of entries from nineteenth century gazetteers describing places. We have text from these sources available for these places near your location:

Place Mentioned in Travel Writing Mentioned in Hist. Gazetteer
Bishopton 0 2
Sharow 0 2
Clotherholme 1 2
Whitcliffe 0 2
Studley Roger 0 2
Littlethorpe 0 2
Aismunderby 0 2
Copt Hewick 0 2
Bridge Hewick 0 2
Nunwick 0 2
Lindrick 0 2
Givendale 0 2
Sutton Grange 0 2
Markingfield Hall 0 2
Hutton Conyers 0 2
Fountains Abbey 0 2
Newby 0 2
Bishop Monkton 0 3
North Stainley 0 2
Aldfield 0 2