A preliminary 1971 parish level table from HDS

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PAR_1971_GB     (62134)
A preliminary 1971 parish level table from HDS
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Raw Data
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Paula Aucott
Reporting units are identified by:
   Civil Parish
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. Data derived from HDS Study No. 1178: 1971 Census Small Area Statistics (Ward Library): 100% Population (Great Britain). The original data are stored in the undocumented table ed_1971_gb. See sql files in par_1971_gb for more details. The main reason for loading this file is to enable the gazetteer to be created.


  1. This table was an initial version of the 1971 census data obtained from the History Data Service by Ian Gregory in 2001. It is built from ED data and was born digital, therefore cannot be error checked against original. Ian originally noted: "This table requires more work to turn it into a final version. It should not be used without consulting Ian first."
  2. This table has been renamed from "par_1971" to be "par_1971_gb" as it does include Scottish data as well.
  3. The data covers Counties, Districts, parishes and wards:
    • County Administrative or Scottish Counties
    • District Local government Districts of Scottish Burghs/Districts
    • Civil parishes Civil parish names in rural areas
    • Wards areas) Ward names in urban areas
  4. This table currently contains only a partial transcription of the data. The ed_1971_gb which takes a long time to run needs re-running with all the .dat files being loaded, currently only two loaded for test purposes..
  5. This table should NOT be used for redistricting purposes, use par_1971_ew instead.


  1. These files have been altered to run on Postgres, this file requires a lot of work to make it useable. The ED_1971_gb table from which it is built needs to be re-run in order to load all the available data into the table. That table also needs a decision on whether to make it permanent and document it as takes a long time to build. An initial attempt has been made to match the units to the AUO, but this is limited to counties and districts and is incomplete. The parish matching needs further work. N.B. The g_unit value is currently mostly null in this table.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
par_1971_gb_pkey Primary key rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

par_1971_gb_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

cnty_name Text string (max.len.=29). Name of administrative county for England and Wales or Scottish County in Scotland (added to table using cnty_no)
cnty_no Integer number. The ID number for the county provided by the census
dist_name Text string (max.len.=54). The name of the local government district for England and Wales or Scottish Burgh unit in Scotland
dist_type Text string (max.len.=9). The type of district
civ_par Text string (max.len.=254). The name of ward or parish (created by concatonating the first and second parts of "Ward/CP name" fields from the original table)
cnty_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for County.
dist_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for District.
g_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for smallest administrative unit. Where the row relates to a parish the g_unit is the parish unit ID. Where the row relates to a larger unit the g_unit value is for that larger unit and the same ID value which appeared in other columns has been deleted.
h_hold Integer number. The total population in private households
tot_pop Integer number. The total population present
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.