Parish and ward level statistics for England and Wales from the 1971 census

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Parish and ward level statistics for England and Wales from the 1971 census
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Paula Aucott
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. This table holds a transcription of the 1971 parish level table - Table 3 - Area, population, private households and occupied rooms - County, Local Authority Areas, Wards, Civil Parishes in Rural Districts, Conurbation Centres, New Towns.
  2. These data were input by the Harold Price at the University of Portsmouth in Spring 2016.


  1. This table does not provide data on all parishes in England and Wales, as for urban areas it lists wards rather than parishes.
  2. This table is additional to our original electronic 1971 parish table which contained just figures for total population and total household. This version of the table is more like the traditional parish level tables we hold.
  3. This is a partial transcription. It does not include any columns relating to private household populations, absent households, number of households or rooms. It also does not include most information relating to conurbation centres or new towns.


  1. This dataset has been verified in a number of ways. Summed Male and Female population figures were compared against the Total population for each row. Population divided by area was compared against the population density figure for each row. In a few cases there was a difference of 0.01 which presumably are a result of Barnardising. The figures were double checked to ensure they were an accurate copy of the transcription.
  2. Administrative unit IDs were added by cross referencing the names and status values given against the AUO. As yet these data do not contain g_unit values for (i) wards and (ii) urban and rural aggregates, because these have not been inserted as units into the AUO.
  3. The row for Lancashire: LONGRIDGE UD has a matching issue. The table does not describe the units within smaller UD districts where they do not contain wards. In the majority of cases the UD consists of a single parish with the same name as the district. These have been added in. However, LONGRIDGE UD had no Longridge CP, instead it was made up of two parishes, Alston Tn/CP and Dilworth Tn/CP. The table does not identify how the figures wihtin the UD are divided between the two parishes and therefore the figures cannot be assigned to the correct parish.


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par_1971_ew_pkey Primary key rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

par_1971_ew_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

area_name Text string (max.len.=184). Name of unit as it appeared in the original report.
area_type Text string (max.len.=24). Status type of unit as given in original report; i.e. Local Government District, Civil Parish, Local Government Ward, New Town, Conurbation Centre.
area Floating point number. Area of unit (Hectares).
pop_1961 Integer number. The population in 1961
pop_1971 Integer number. The population in 1971
ma_1971 Integer number. Total number of males in 1971
fe_1971 Integer number. Total number of females in 1971
pop_den Floating point number. The population density in persons per hectare in 1971.
adm_cnty_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for Administrative County where unit is contained within it.
lg_dist_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for Local Government District where unit contained within it.
g_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for smallest administrative unit. Where the row relates to a parish the g_unit is the parish unit ID. Where the row relates to a larger unit the g_unit value is for that larger unit and the same ID value which appeared in other columns has been deleted.
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.