1881 occupational data for parishes and sub-districts, from microdata.

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OCC_1881_NO_AGE     (61638)
1881 occupational data for parishes and sub-districts, from microdata.
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
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   Parish Identifier
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. These data were derived from the complete transcription of the census Enumerators' Books for 1881, created by the Genealogical Society of Utah in collaboration with family history societies throughout Britain.
  2. The underlying data used here were very extensively enhanced by a project based in the Department of History at the University of Essex, led by Kevin Schurer with Matthew Woollard as the senior researcher. This project was initially funded by the Leverhulme Trust, as 'The 19th Century Censuses Collection' (Humphrey Southall was a co-applicant on that project), and subsequently by the ESRC under their 'Future of Work' Programme. In particular, Matthew Woollard assigned each of the c. half million occupational titles that appeared in the original transcription to the 414 occupational categories that were used in the published reports of the 1881 census.
  3. The data set held here was derived from the enhanced version of the 1881 microdata by Hamish James of the History Data Service, also at Essex University, in September 2002 and supplied to the GBHGIS project at that time.


  1. The data were created by the History Data Service via the following query applied to their database holding the microdata:
    select reg_cnty,subd_id,parid,occode,sex,hds_agegroup,count(whole1881.recid)
    as freq into hs1
    from whole1881
    group by reg_cnty,subd_id,parid,occode,sex,hds_agegroup
    order by reg_cnty,subd_id,parid,occode,sex,hds_agegroup
  2. This data set is designed to be usable by either Registration sub-Districts or parishes, so it contains separate rows for the different parts of parishes which are divided into more than one sub-district.
  3. To permit the table to be linked to the various codebooks, some null values have been changed: Null values of 'regc_code' have been replaced by 'UNK'. Null values of 'subd_id' have been replaced by '999999'. Unknown values of 'sex' were marked by '@', which has been replaced by 'U'. Null values of 'age_group' have been replaced by '99'.
  4. This 'no_age' version of the 1881 occupational data have been further simplified to make them more compact, by removing the age variable and also deleting those under 15 and over 65, so this is a simple listing of males and of females of working age, by occupation.


  1. The data are essentially as supplied by the History Data Service and no checking of the actual frequency counts is possible. However, the values of the various codes are required to be not null and are linked by foreign-key constraints to the relevant codebooks.
  2. To enable these constraints to be set up, all data for the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man, and for 'unknown' locations, have been removed. One value of subd_id, '451586' was invalid, but based on the associated parish IDs, 16001 and 16002, was replaced by 451003, i.e. for Woodchurch sub-District in the Wirrall.
  3. A number of cross-checks against the published 1881 tables for age-groups and occupations, and for parish-level populations, are possible but have yet to be applied. Given the large problems in working with the micro-data, exact matches with the published data are unlikely.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. Hamish James: These data were derived from the 1881 micro-data by Hamish James, whose contribution should be acknowledged.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
occ_1881_no_age_pk Primary key subd_id, par_id, occ_code, sex


The table has the following associated constraints:

occ_1881_no_age_pk Primary Key See details above for primary key index
occ_1881_no_age_ck_sex Check (((sex)::text = 'M'::text) OR ((sex)::text = 'F'::text) OR ((sex)::text = 'U'::text))

Columns within table:

regc_code Text string (max.len.=7). A three-letter abbreviation for the name of the Registration County, as defined in 'occ_1881_regc_codes'.
subd_id Integer number. Combined Registration District and sub-District ID.
par_id Integer number. Number identifying each parish.
occ_code Integer number. Code number identifing the occupational category. These run from 1 to 414, with 999 indicating missing values.
sex Text string (max.len.=5). Gender: 'M' = Male, 'F' = Female, 'U' = Unknown.
freq Integer number. Number of persons in this category.
seq_num Integer number. Sequence number added on loading to uniquely identify rows.