Education statistics from various dates redistricted to 2011 local authorities.

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Education statistics from various dates redistricted to 2011 local authorities.
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Humphrey Southall
The data cover the period 1851 to 2011.


  1. The data available on education varies greatly between dates, so comparisons over time are hard. See below for 1851, but for later dates the data cover the adult population and record EITHER the age at which they left education OR the highest level of qualification they obtained. To make the two different measures comparable, we assume here that persons who finished their education before age 16 left without formal qualifications, and that those who left at age 20 or later obtained a degree.
  2. Unfortunately, the 1951 England and Wales census provided data only for males in districts with under 50,000 population, so all the 1951 data here, Scotland included, is for males only.
  3. The 1851 data come from a separate census of schools, so provide numbers of children CURRENTLY attending school, either ordinary Day Schools or Sunday School.


  1. This table holds purely derived data.


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edu_redistricted_pk Primary key g_unit


The table has the following associated constraints:

edu_redistricted_pk Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

row_type Text string (max.len.=14). This column identifies the geographical level:
  • DISTRICT, i.e. an individual local authority.
  • GOR, i.e. computed total for a Government Office Region (or Scotland or Wales).
  • E&W: computed total for England and Wales.
  • GB: computed total for Great Britain, if data are available for Scotland as well as England and Wales.
area_code Text string (max.len.=18). ONS code for local authority, as used in the 2011 census tables.
nation Text string (max.len.=6). Single letter identifying the part of the UK. Currently only S = Scotland is set.
area_name Text string (max.len.=40). Name of the local authority district, as extracted from the AUO.
g_unit Integer number. ID number for local authority area, as held in the AUO.
geogcode_1991 Text string (max.len.=9). The ONS code for the local authority as used in the 1991 census. Set only for districts known to have unchanged boundaries between 1991 and 2011, and currently set only for the London Boroughs. Where this is set, the 1991 data here are directly computed, without any GIS-based redistricting.
y2011_total Integer number. Count of All Usual Residents Aged 16 and Over.
y2011_qual_none Integer number. Count of persons with no qualification.
y2011_qual_degree Integer number. Count of persons whose highest level of qualification was Level 4 or above.
y2001_total Integer number. [No description available]
y2001_qual_none Integer number. [No description available]
y2001_qual_degree Integer number. [No description available]
y1991_total Integer number. Count of all persons aged 18 and over.
y1991_qual_degree Integer number. Count of all persons "qualified". This includes all persons with higher degrees, degrees and "diplomas", The latter covering qualifications gained post-18 but not "qualifications normally obtained at school such as GCE, CSE, GCSE, SCE and school certificates".
y1971_total Integer number. [No description available]
y1971_qual_degree Integer number. [No description available]
y1951_total Integer number. Total number of occupied males with stated ages of completion of education.
y1951_qual_none Integer number. Count of males leaving education at age 15 or earlier.
y1951_qual_degree Integer number. Count of males leaving education at age 20 or over. This is the highest age listed for England and Wales, although the Scottish 1951 data separately identify those leaving (i) at age 20, (ii) at age 21, and (iii) at age 22 and upwards.
y1851_eligible Integer number. Number of persons aged 5 to 14, extracted from the 1851 age structure data rather than the Census of Education.
y1851_day_school Integer number. Total number of "scholars" attending day schools.
y1851_sunday_school Integer number. Total number of "scholars" attending Sunday Schools.
g_authority Text string (max.len.=24). Source identifier.
g_auth_note Text string (max.len.=404). More detailed information on source, including IDs for specific census tables.
g_data_precision Text string (max.len.=12). Code identifying basis for calculation: 'E' for exact counts for 2011 data, and most other data 'GBR' to indicate data redistricted by the project.
g_data_status Text string (max.len.=9). Code specifying access status: 'P' for public by default.
rec_num Integer number. Sequence number keeping rows in correct order.