Age/sex structure data from the Census of Population redistricted to 2011 Local Authority Districts

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Age/sex structure data from the Census of Population redistricted to 2011 Local Authority Districts
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
The data cover the period 1801 to 2011.
Dates and times are identified by:


  1. This table was generated from data from various years held in the tables 'age_reg_ew, 'age_lgd_ew' and age_dist_s, plus data taken directly from the 2011 census.
  2. The table currently covers England and Wales for 1851, 1861, 1881, 1891, 1911, 1921, 1931, 1951, 1961, 1971, 1991 and 2011, and Scotland for 1931, 1951, 1971, 1991 and 2011. Data on the individual years under 5 are not available for Scotland, or for England and Wales in 1991 and 2011.


  1. Derived data: the scripts used to generate these data have been checked carefully.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
age_redistricted_pkey Primary key year, g_unit


The table has the following associated constraints:

age_redistricted_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

g_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for local government district unit.
area_code Text string (max.len.=18). Alphanumeric ID for district as used by the census offices.
area_name Text string (max.len.=40). Name of the district or region.
area_type Text string (max.len.=16). Type of area:
  • DISTRICT = District or Unitary Authority
  • GOR = Government Office Region (this includes Wales and Scotland)
  • E&W = Total for England and Wales
nation Text string (max.len.=6). [No description available]
geogcode_1991 Text string (max.len.=13). This column holds the census office identifier for the district as used in 1991, but only if we know the district had the same boundaries in 1991 and 2011. This is currently set only for the London Boroughs.
year Integer number. Year in which census was taken.
area_h Integer number. Area of the unit in hectares. NB this is inserted into rows for all years, but is always the area as reported by the 2011 census, as listed in our tables lau_2011_ew and lau_2011_s.
tot_pop Integer number. Total population.
tot_male Integer number. Total male population.
m_0 Integer number. Males aged under 1.
m_1 Integer number. Males aged between 1 and 2.
m_2 Integer number. Males aged between 2 and 3.
m_3 Integer number. Males aged between 3 and 4.
m_4 Integer number. Males aged between 4 and 5.
m_0_4 Integer number. Males aged 0 to 4.
m_5_9 Integer number. Males aged 5 to 9.
m_10_14 Integer number. Males aged 10 to 14.
m_15_19 Integer number. Males aged 15 to 19.
m_20_24 Integer number. Males aged 20 to 24.
m_25_29 Integer number. Males aged 25 to 29.
m_30_34 Integer number. Males aged 30 to 34.
m_35_39 Integer number. Males aged 35 to 39.
m_40_44 Integer number. Males aged 40 to 44.
m_45_49 Integer number. Males aged 45 to 49.
m_50_54 Integer number. Males aged 50 to 54.
m_55_59 Integer number. Males aged 55 to 59.
m_60_64 Integer number. Males aged 60 to 64.
m_65_69 Integer number. Males aged 65 to 69.
m_70_74 Integer number. Males aged 70 to 74.
m_75_79 Integer number. Males aged 75 to 79.
m_80_84 Integer number. Males aged 80 to 84.
m_85_up Integer number. Males aged 85 and over.
tot_fem Integer number. Total female population.
f_0 Integer number. Females aged under 1.
f_1 Integer number. Females aged between 1 and 2.
f_2 Integer number. Females aged between 2 and 3.
f_3 Integer number. Females aged between 3 and 4.
f_4 Integer number. Females aged between 4 and 5.
f_0_4 Integer number. Females aged 0 to 4.
f_5_9 Integer number. Females aged 5 to 9.
f_10_14 Integer number. Females aged 10 to 14.
f_15_19 Integer number. Females aged 15 to 19.
f_20_24 Integer number. Females aged 20 to 24.
f_25_29 Integer number. Females aged 25 to 29.
f_30_34 Integer number. Females aged 30 to 34.
f_35_39 Integer number. Females aged 35 to 39.
f_40_44 Integer number. Females aged 40 to 44.
f_45_49 Integer number. Females aged 45 to 49.
f_50_54 Integer number. Females aged 50 to 54.
f_55_59 Integer number. Females aged 55 to 59.
f_60_64 Integer number. Females aged 60 to 64.
f_65_69 Integer number. Females aged 65 to 69.
f_70_74 Integer number. Females aged 70 to 74.
f_75_79 Integer number. Females aged 75 to 79.
f_80_84 Integer number. Females aged 80 to 84.
f_85_up Integer number. Females aged 85 and over.
g_data_status Text string (max.len.=6). Flag indicating access status. Current set to P for Public for all rows.
g_data_precision Text string (max.len.=8). Flag indicating basis for calculation. Currently GBR for all rows except 2011 and those 1991 rows for which geogcode_1991 is not null.
rec_num Integer number. Sequence number created as rows were inserted into the table.