Descriptive Gazetteers, mainly from the 19th century

These tables together hold the text of the various historical gazetteers, mostly from the nineteenth century, which we have either computerised or obtained through collaborators. NB the tables with the _2015 suffix have the same structure as the production version of this information behind the Vision of Britain site. They are inteneded to form an archive of the pre-2016 system, and should not be extended or replaced.

Tables within section:

g_adl_ft_2015 Codebook Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Feature Type Thesaurus, with GBH GIS annotations
g_dgaz_2015 Raw Data Text of entries from descriptive gazetteers, mainly 19th century
g_dgaz_ft_text_2015 Codebook Codebook classifying standardised version of descriptive gazetteer feature descriptions
g_dgaz_link_2015 Raw Data Connections between descriptive gazetteer entries and administrative units