Agricultural and Land Use Statistics

This section of the database contains data on agriculture, primarily the crops grown, and land use. This includes statistics derived from the Land Utilisation Surveys, but the main results of those surveys are maps, held in our historical map library. The main source for this section of the database are agricultural or farm censuses, the earliest being the 1801 Crop Returns. Note that published, printed statistics from farm censuses exist only at county-level, so any more detailed data are transcriptions from hand-written sources, and generally cover only part of the country.

Tables within section:

agcen_cnty Raw Data County-level Statistics from the Agricultural Census
agcen_variables Codebook Variable labels appearing in the reports of the Agricultural Census
crop_1801 Raw Data Parish-level statistics from the 1801 Crop Returns
lusgb Raw Data County-level summary statistics from the Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain