Rates are used to define comparative statistics that can be mapped and graphed. For example, our occupational information includes counts of the number of workers in employment and out of employment, as well as the total number of workers. We then define a measure called the 'Unemployment Rate', which uses the number out of work rather than the number in work, and expresses it as a percentage of the total, rather than a rate per thousand. The descriptive text in the system is defined mainly for rates.

The following Rates are currently defined:

Entity IDEntity Name
R_AB_MALE_PAUPER Poor Relief to Able-Bodied Males
R_AGCEN_arable Percentage Arable (Farm Census)
R_AGE_0_14 Percentage aged under 15
R_AGE_15_64 Percentage aged 15-64
R_AGE_65_up Percentage Aged over 65
R_CATTLE Cattle per Acre
R_CENSUS_FEM_ACTIVE Female Activity Rate
R_CENSUS_MALE_SELFEMPL Male self-employment
R_CENSUS_MALE_UNEM Male Unemployment
R_CLAIMANT_COUNT Claimant Count Unemployment
R_CONSERVATIVE Percentage voting Conservative
R_EDUC_GRAD Percentage of persons with university degrees or equivalent
R_EDUC_UNQU Percentage Unqualified
R_FERTILITY Fertility Rate
R_GAELIC Percentage of persons unable to speak Gaelic
R_HOUS_AMENITY_GEN_all_amen % of Households with All Amenities
R_HOUS_AMENITY_GEN_cen_heat % of Households with Central Heating
R_HOUS_AMENITY_GEN_excl_bath % of Households with sole use of a bath or shower
R_HOUS_AMENITY_GEN_excl_wc % of Households with sole use of a WC
R_HOUS_CON Houses under Construction as Percentage of All Houses
R_HOUS_DENSITY_GEN % of Persons in Households with over 1.5 person per room
R_HOUS_DENSITY_GEN_HIGH % of Persons in Households with over 3 person per room
R_HOUS_OWNEROCC % Owner-Occupier
R_HOUS_RENT_COUNCIL % Council Housing
R_ILLEGITIMATE Illegitimacy Rate
R_IND_AG Agriculture
R_IND_BUS Finance & Business Services
R_IND_MAN Manufacturing
R_IND_MIN Mining
R_IND_PUBLIC Public Services
R_INF_MORT Infant Mortality Rate
R_LAND_BUILD Land occupied by Buildings
R_LUSGB_arable Percentage Arable (Land Utilisation Survey)
R_LUSGB_unprod Land Agriculturally Unproductive
R_MUD_HUTS % Class 4 (1 Room Mud Huts)
R_NATIONALIST Percentage voting for Nationalist parties
R_OATS Oat Farming
R_OCC_AGRIC_FAM Percent in Agriculture
R_OCC_AGRIC_PERSONS Percent in Agriculture
R_ORCHARD Orchards as a percentage of total area
R_OUT_ABM_PAUPER_NOTSICK Outdoor Poor Relief to Able-Bodied Males "in Health"
R_OUTDOOR_PAUPER Outdoor Poor Relief
R_PERI_MORT Perinatal Mortality Rate
R_POP_CH_10 Rate of Population Change (% over previous 10 years)
R_POP_DENS_A Population Density (Persons per Acre)
R_POP_DENS_H Population Density (Persons per Hectare)
R_POTATO Potato Farming
R_REL1851_bap Baptist 'Attendances' as Percentage of Total
R_REL1851_cmeth Calvinistic Methodist 'Attendances' as Percentage of Total
R_REL1851_c_of_e Church of England 'Attendances' as Percentage of Total
R_REL1851_c_of_s Church of Scotland 'Attendances' as Percentage of Total
R_REL1851_rc Roman Catholic 'Attendances' as Percentage of Total
R_REL1851_wmeth Wesleyan Methodist 'Attendances' as Percentage of Total
R_REL2001_buddh Percentage Buddhist
R_REL2001_christ Percentage Christian
R_REL2001_hindu Percentage Hindu
R_REL2001_jew Percentage Jewish
R_REL2001_muslim Percentage Muslim
R_REL2001_none Percentage with No Religion
R_REL_IRL1911_presb Presbyterians as % of Total Pop.
R_REL_IRL1911_rc Roman Catholics as % of Total Pop.
R_SHEEP Sheep per Acre
R_SOCIAL_GRADE_AB Percentage of Working-Age Males in Social Grades A & B
R_SOCIAL_GRADE_C Percentage of Working-Age Males in Social Grade C
R_SOCIAL_GRADE_DE Percentage of Working-Age Males in Social Grades D & E
R_STD_MORT_RATIO Standardised Mortality Ratio
R_SUN_SCHOOL Percentage of 5 to 14 year olds attending Sunday School
R_TRESS_INDEX_SIC2007 Tress Index of economic specialisation
R_VOL_SCHOOL Percentage of persons entitled to voluntary schooling attending
R_VOTER_TURNOUT Election Turnout: Percentage of Registered Voters Voting
R_WELFARE Percentage of Total Population on Poor Relief
R_WHEAT Wheat Farming
R_WINNING_PARTY Election Winners: Which party won each constituency