Variable Group : Cause of Death

Variable Groups are used to group together closely related variables. Under the DDI each system of categories is defined as a separate variable, so for example a variable categorising ages into five year bands running up to '95 and over' is a separate variable from one giving ages to '100 and up'. However, we group these into a single Variable Group covering ages.

Cause of Death
Variable Group (VG)
Cause of death is one of the most problematic variables held in the system, classifications being revised because of changes in both medical science and actual changes in what people were dying of. Almost every new issue of the Registrar General's Decennial Supplement used a different classification.

Variable Group " Cause of Death " is contained within:

Themes, which organise the database into broad topics:

Entity ID Entity Name
T_VITAL Life & Death

Variable Group " Cause of Death " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_CoD_DS_1850s Cause of Death (RG 1850s DS definition)
V_CoD_DS_1860s Cause of Death (RG 1860s DS definition)
V_CoD_DS_1870s Cause of Death (RG 1870s DS definition)
V_CoD_DS_1880s Cause of Death (RG 1880s DS definition)
V_CoD_DS_1900s Cause of Death (RG 1900s DS definition)
V_CoD_grouped Cause of Death (Simplified)
V_CoD_QR_SUBD Cause of Death (RG Quarterly Return definition)