Measurement Unit : Acres

Most of the data values in the system are counts of numbers of people, but it also includes counts of households, and measurements in acres and hectares, for example.

Measurement Unit (M)

Measurement Unit " Acres " is contained within:

The Database, which everything else is contained within:

Entity ID Entity Name
DB VoB Database

Measurement Unit " Acres " contains:

Universes, definining what the values in datasets add up to :

Entity ID Entity Name
U_AGCEN_AREA_A Total area in acres, by agricultural census
U_ARABLE_A Total arable area in acres
U_AREA_ACRES Total area in acres
U_GRASS_A Total area of grassland in acres
U_LAND_AGCEN_FARM Total farmed area, in acres
U_LAND_AGCEN_LAND Total area in acres
U_LAND_LUS Total area measured by LUSGB, in acres
U_LAND_LUS_FARM Total farmed area measured by LUSGB, in acres
U_ROUGH_A Total area of rough grazing in acres