Category : Art & Amusements (Painting)

Categories are the components of variables, so if a variable measures age then the categories are the age groups used, such as '10 to 14'.

Art & Amusements (Painting)
Category (C)
Public Service and Professional: Art and amusements (painting).

Category " Art & Amusements (Painting) " is contained within:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_IND_BOOTH Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification

Categories, defining the values available for each variable:

Entity ID Entity Name
C_IND_BOOTH_SECTOR_8 Public Service & Professional

Category " Art & Amusements (Painting) " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_OCC_RAW1841_35 Animal & Bird-preserver
C_OCC_RAW1841_37 Animal-preserver
C_OCC_RAW1841_60 Articulator
C_OCC_RAW1841_61 Articulator (Anatomical Instrument-maker)
C_OCC_RAW1841_65 Artist
C_OCC_RAW1841_66 Artist (Fine Arts)
C_OCC_RAW1841_67 Artist in Glass
C_OCC_RAW1841_68 Artist in Hair
C_OCC_RAW1841_184 Bird-preserver
C_OCC_RAW1841_898 Designer
C_OCC_RAW1841_1022 Engraver
C_OCC_RAW1841_1023 Engraver (all branches)
C_OCC_RAW1841_1025 Engraver, Glass
C_OCC_RAW1841_1092 Figure (Alabaster) maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1093 Figure (Image) maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1094 Figure & Image maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1095 Figure-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1188 Flower Painter
C_OCC_RAW1841_1411 Hair (Artist in)
C_OCC_RAW1841_1559 Image-dealer & Maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1560 Image-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1633 Jet carver
C_OCC_RAW1841_1634 Jet carver & Worker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1635 Jet-worker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2000 Modeller
C_OCC_RAW1841_2001 Model-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2002 Model-maker & Modeller
C_OCC_RAW1841_2074 Naturalist
C_OCC_RAW1841_2169 Ornament (Military) maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2171 Ornamental Painter
C_OCC_RAW1841_2172 Ornament-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2681 Sculptor
C_OCC_RAW1841_3434 Wax Modeller