Category : Peas and Beans

Categories are the components of variables, so if a variable measures age then the categories are the age groups used, such as '10 to 14'.

Peas and Beans
Category (C)
Peas and beans The two crops are sometimes listed separately and sometimes combined

Category " Peas and Beans " is contained within:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_CROP_GEN Generalised Crop Categories

Category " Peas and Beans " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_CROP1801_6 Peas
C_CROP1801_7 Beans
C_CROP1801_8 Peas and Beans
C_AGCEN_CROP_GEN_5 Beans & Peas