Variable : 1861 Occupational Orders

Variables serve as the dimensions of nCubes, and are generally based on the questions on forms such as the census schedule. However, in the aggregate data held in the Vision of Britain system we do not store the individual responses but counts of the number of each kind of response, so variables are made up of categories, such as age groups.

1861 Occupational Orders
Variable (V)
This system of 18 occupational 'Orders' was used by the 1861 Census of Population, where they were grouped into five very broad 'Classes' and broken down into a large number of sub-Orders. The only titles given to these Orders in the original reports are often very long, so we have included those here as comments and given them shorter titles, sometimes but not always based on shortening those given. Note that this system includes substantial groups who were not in employment, and we have retained these here. We have also added a 19th 'Order' to cover those with no known occupation.

Variable " 1861 Occupational Orders " is contained within:

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data:

Entity ID Entity Name
N_OCC_ORD1861_OVER20 Persons aged 20 and over by Sex and 1861 Occupational Order

Variable Groups, bringing together related variables:

Entity ID Entity Name
VG_OCC Occupation

Variable " 1861 Occupational Orders " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_OCC_ORD1861_1 National and Local Government
C_OCC_ORD1861_2 Defence of the Country
C_OCC_ORD1861_3 Professions and Arts
C_OCC_ORD1861_4 Wives, Mothers, Children
C_OCC_ORD1861_5 Personal [Services]
C_OCC_ORD1861_6 [Business Persons and Traders]
C_OCC_ORD1861_7 [Transport]
C_OCC_ORD1861_8 [Farming]
C_OCC_ORD1861_9 Engaged about Animals
C_OCC_ORD1861_10 Art and Mechanic Productions
C_OCC_ORD1861_11 Textiles and Dress
C_OCC_ORD1861_12 Food and Drink
C_OCC_ORD1861_13 Animal Substances
C_OCC_ORD1861_14 Vegetable Substances
C_OCC_ORD1861_15 Mineral Substances
C_OCC_ORD1861_16 KKBranch of Labour undefined
C_OCC_ORD1861_17 Persons of Rank or Property
C_OCC_ORD1861_18 Supported by the Community
C_OCC_ORD1861_19 Unknown