Variable : 1881 Occupational Titles

Variables serve as the dimensions of nCubes, and are generally based on the questions on forms such as the census schedule. However, in the aggregate data held in the Vision of Britain system we do not store the individual responses but counts of the number of each kind of response, so variables are made up of categories, such as age groups.

1881 Occupational Titles
Variable (V)
This variable contains the 414 occupational titles included in the most detailed occupational listings in the 1881 census reports. These do not, of course, include all the occupations people reported in 1881: the 1881 census project at the University of Essex found c. half a million unique strings within the transcription of the census enumerators' books created by the Genealogical Society of Utah, which they then tried to assign to the 414 categories in the reports. Because this variable is intended for use with both the published tables and data created for us by the Essex project from the enumerators' book data, it includes two further categories to cover difficult cases in the latter: 'Occupation recorded but of unknown meaning' and 'Blank field, or illegible'. In the published tables, the 414 occupation titles were grouped first into sub-Orders, then into 24 Orders and finally into six Classes.

Variable " 1881 Occupational Titles " is contained within:

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data:

Entity ID Entity Name
N_OCC_RAW1881 Detailed 1881 occupational statistics, by gender

Variable Groups, bringing together related variables:

Entity ID Entity Name
VG_OCC Occupation

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_OCC_ORDER1881 1881 Occupational Orders
V_IND2001 2001 'Key Statistics' Industries
V_RGSOC Registrar General's Social Class

Variable " 1881 Occupational Titles " contains:

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This Variable contains 417 Categories , too many to list on this page.