Administrative unit

Aylesbury MB/UD

Local Government District

Available Themes



Densities and rates of growth. Age structure: concentrations of young people, and of the old.


How people made their living: identifying farming communities, pit villages, mill towns and so on.
Social Structure

Social Structure

Social class and socio-economic groups. Concentrations of professionals, and of unskilled labourers.
Learning & Language

Learning & Language

How many people were at school. The distribution of graduates, and of the unqualified.
Life & Death

Life & Death

Numbers of babies born. Deaths, especially infant deaths. Causes of death by age and gender.
Work & Poverty

Work & Poverty

Unemployment rates and poor relief. What proportions of men and of women did paid work?


Numbers of houses. Overcrowding: persons per room. Amenities: central heating, baths and WCs.

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Unit associations

This unit was associated with the following other units:

Nature of association Other unit involved Type of unit Authority
Census EW Population tables 2
AC, MB, UD, Wards of MB and UD, RD and CP Census EW County Report
AC, MB, UD, Wards of MB and UD, RD and CP Census EW County Report Part I
EW, Regions, AC, CB, and Urban areas with populations exceeding 50,000 Census EW Occupations
Urban areas with populations not exceeding 50,000 and rural districts Census EW Occupations
Urban Areas with population of less than 50,000, RD Census EW Occupied Population in 3 Age Sections by 5 Terminal Education Ages - Abridge Analysis County Report
AC, MB, UD, RD Census EW Social Class distribution of Occupied and Retired Males aged 15 and over County Report
AC, MB, UD, RD; Wards of CB, MB; CP, NT Census EW Acreage, Population, Private Households and Dwellings County Report
LAA, Wards, CP in RD, Con, NT Census EW Acreage, Population, Private Households and Dwellings County Report
AC, LAA, Con Centres, NT Census EW Population aged 25 and over by 7 Terminal Education Age groups (10% sample) Education
AC, LAA, County Aggregates, Con, NT (10% sample) Census EW Socio-economic Group (Numbers and Proportions) of Economically Active Males and Economically Inactive Males (stating an occupation) Occupations County Leaflets

Unit history

This unit was not a part of any other units.

Boundary changes

This unit was affected by the following changes:

Date Type of change Other unit involved Area transferred Authority
    F. Youngs, Local Administrative Units: Southern England (London: Royal Historical Society, 1979), p. 677.
    1951 Census of England and Wales, Table 3, 'Acreage, Population, Private Households and Dwellings', for 'AC, MB, UD, RD; Wards of CB, MB; CP, NT'.

Lower level units

We know of no units which were contained within this unit.

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