Tamworth RD — Current theme: Life and Death

These simple graphs compare Tamworth with national trends:

Life and Death

This theme covers births, marriages and deaths, including changing causes of death. Unlike most of our themes, it is based not on the Census but on the closely related system for registering births, marriages and deaths, established in 1837.

In this first version of the system, the main emphasis is on infant mortality, the number of children dying before their first birthday as a proportion of all births.

We hold these detailed statistics for Tamworth, which we graph and tabulate here:

Available datasets Period covered Variables
(number of categories)
Births by legitimacy 1911 to 1965 Legitimacy (2)
Births by legitimacy and sex 1911 to 1965 Legitimacy (2)
Sex (2)
Births by sex 1911 to 1965 Sex (2)
Deaths by sex 1922 to 1965 Sex (2)
Infant Deaths 1911 to 1965 Infant Deaths (4)
Total Births 1911 to 1965 Total Live Births (1)
Total Deaths 1911 to 1965 Total Deaths (3)

Read more about how we hold statistics here.