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  • If you are looking for hills, rivers, castles ... or pretty much anything other than the "places" where people live and lived, you need to look in our collection of Historical Gazetteers. This contains the complete text of three gazetteers published in the late 19th century — over 90,000 entries. Although there are no descriptive gazetteer entries for placenames exactly matching your search term (other than those already linked to "places"), the following entries mention "BURTON AGNES":
    Place name County Entry Source
    BARMSTON Yorkshire Burton-Agnes r. station, and 6 S by W of Bridlington. Post Town, Lissettunder Hull. Acres, 2,336; of which Imperial
    BRIDLINGTON Yorkshire Burton-Agnes, Barmston, and parts of Skipsea, Fraisthorpe, and Beeford; and the subdistrict of Hunmanby, containing the parishes of Hunmanby Imperial
    Burton Agnes Yorkshire Burton Agnes , par. and township with ry. sta., East-Riding Yorkshire, 5¼ miles SW. of Bridlington -- par., 8708 ac., pop. 903; township Bartholomew
    BURTON-AGNES Yorkshire BURTON-AGNES , a township and a parish in Bridington district, E. R. Yorkshire. The township lies on the Hull and Scarborough Imperial
    Dunbar East Lothian Burton observes, that ` evidently there was not a great battle, with organised troops and known commanders pitted against each other ' ( Hist. Scot., ii. 170, ed. 1876). According to Blind Harry, when Wallace first undertook to deliver his country, the Earl of Dunbar refused to attend a meeting of the Estates at Perth. Thereupon Wallace encountered Patrick in a field near Innerwick, where the Earl had assembled 900 of his vassals, and with half that number compelled the traitor, after a terrible conflict, to retreat to Cockburnspath, himself falling back on Dunbar. Patrick now went to Northumberland to crave Groome
    Gransmoor Yorkshire Gransmoor , township, Burton Agnes par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 7 m. NE. of Driffield, 1253 ac., pop. 84. Bartholomew
    GRANSMOOR Yorkshire Burton-Agnes parish, E. R. Yorkshire; 7 miles E by N of Great Driffield. Acres, 1, 234. Real property, £1, 576. Pop., 108. Houses Imperial
    Haisthorpe Yorkshire Haisthorpe , township, Burton Agnes par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SW. of Bridlington, 1390 ac., pop. 123. Bartholomew
    Harpham Yorkshire Harpham , township and vil., Burton Agnes par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles NE. of Driffield, 2144 ac., pop. 244; P.O. Bartholomew
    HARPHAM Yorkshire Burton-Agnes r. station, and 5 NE of Great Driffield; was the birth-place of St. John of Beverley; and has a post Imperial
    LONDON London
    Burton-crescent; Lord George Bentinck, in Cavendish-square; Dr. Jenner, in Trafalgarsquare; George Stephenson, at Euston-square station; Capt-Coram, at the Foundling hospital; the Guards who fell in the Crimea, in Waterloo-place, at the foot of Regent-street; Sir James Outram, on the Thames embankment; Sir John Franklin, erected in 1866, in Waterlooplace; Lord Herbert, in 1867, in Pall Mall; and Lord Clyde, in 1867, in the United Service Club gardens. Railway works. —The railways immediately affecting the metropolis, as they stood either complete or progressing in 1869, and including amalgamations, are the Crystal Palace and South Imperial
    NOTTINGHAM Nottinghamshire Agnes Mellors; went nearly into disuse prior to 1807; was revived, in that year, by the corporation; is a good building, not sufficiently commodious; and has an endowed income of £708 a year. Anew edifice for the grammar school, large and handsome, on an elevated site near the Arboretum, was erected in 1867-8. The blue-coat school, for instructing and clothing children, was originally a building in the Middle-pavement, on a site given in 1723 by William Thorpe; is now a building of 1853, in the Tudor style, in the centre of a rising-ground Imperial
    RUDSTON Yorkshire Burton-Agnes r. station, and 5 W of Bridlington; was known, at Domesday, as Rodestane: took thatname from an ancient Imperial
    Thornholme Yorkshire Thornholme , township, Burton Agnes par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles SW. of Bridlington, 1346 ac. pop. 110. Bartholomew
    THORNHOLME Yorkshire Burton-Agnes parish, E. R. Yorkshire; 5 miles SW by W of Bridlington. Acres, 1,324. Real property, £1,181. Pop., 114. Houses Imperial
    ULROME Yorkshire Burton-Agnes r. station, and 6¾ N by W of Hornsea. Post town, Lissett, under Hull. Acres, 1,651; of which Imperial
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  • Place-names also appear in our collection of British travel writing. If the place-name you are interested in appears in our simplified list of "places", the search you have just done should lead you to mentions by travellers. However, many other places are mentioned, including places outside Britain and weird mis-spellings. You can search for them in the Travel Writing section of this site.

  • If you know where you are interested in, but don't know the place-name, go to our historical mapping, and zoom in on the area you are interested in. Click on the "Information" icon, and your mouse pointer should change into a question mark: click again on the location you are interested in. This will take you to a page for that location, with links to both administrative units, modern and historical, which cover it, and to places which were nearby. For example, if you know where an ancestor lived, Vision of Britain can tell you the parish and Registration District it was in, helping you locate your ancestor's birth, marriage or death.