Descriptive gazetteer entries

In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Charter House like this:

CHARTER-HOUSE, an extra-parochial place in Holburn district, London; near Aldersgate Street and Smithfield, ¾ of a mile N of St. Paul's. It includes a square and gardens; comprises 10 acres; and extends slightly into the extra-parochial liberty of Glasshouseyard. It was purchased, in 1349, by Bishop Stratford, to be a burial-place for victims of the plague; became the site, in 1371, of a Carthusian priory, founded by Sir Walter Manny; passed, in 1537, to the Crown; and was purchased, in 1611, for £81,...

217, by Thomas Sutton, to be made the place of a public school. The buildings are partly ancient, partly modern; form seven courts, of collegiate appearance; and include an ancient pointed gateway and a great Tudor hall; the latter erected by the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Suffolk. The school has an income of about £28,000; is governed by the Queen, the Prince of Wales, the two Archbishops, the Bishop of London, and twelve elected noblemen and gentlemen; consists of 44 scholars on the foundation, and usually from 120 to 130 "externs;" and numbers among its famous pupils Bishops Monk and Thirlwall, Judge Blackstone, Lord Chief Justice Ellenborough, Dr. Barrow, Addison, Steele, John Wesley, Grote, the Earl of Liverpool, Sir Charles Eastlake, Thackeray, and Genoral Havelock.

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Travel writing

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Place Mentioned in Travel Writing Mentioned in Hist. Gazetteer
Glasshouse Yard 0 2
Finsbury 1 2
Clerkenwell 2 2
Saffron Hill 1 2
St Luke 0 3
Furnivals Inn 1 2
Grays Inn 3 2
Lincolns Inn 1 2
Inner Temple 0 1
Grays Inn Road 0 2
Middle Temple 0 2
Holborn 9 5
Norton Folgate 0 2
Spitalfields 12 5
Hoxton 0 2
Duchy of Lancaster 0 1
Pentonville 0 2
Aldgate 0 2
Shoreditch 8 2
Covent Garden 2 1