1951 Occupational Statistics for Females in small towns and rural districts

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1951 Occupational Statistics for Females in small towns and rural districts
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
Reporting units are identified by:
   Administrative County
   Local Government District
   Local Government District Type
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. The data are taken from Table 21, 'Selected Occupations with Status Aggregates - abridged analysis', for 'Conurbation divisions and sub-divisions, Urban Areas with population of less than 50,000, R.Ds., New Towns', pp. 346-463 in Census 1951 England and Wales: Occupation Tables (London: HMSO, 1956).


  1. This is a complete transcription of the table. It was made by the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, autumn 2000.
  2. The table includes data for New Towns, with lg_type='NT'. These should be excluded in any calculation of county totals.


  1. The total population aged over 15 was checked against the sum of the occupied and the retired.
  2. The total occupied was checked against the sum of the status groups, i.e. employers, managers, operatives, self-employed and unemployed.
  3. The total occupied was checked against the sum of the occupational orders. The following districts failed this check due to printing errors in the original: Nelson MB (Lancashire), Cardiff RD (Glamorgan)
  4. The total female population for Chesterton RD, Cambridgeshire, was printed as 9176, but changed to 19,176 as (a) that is figure given in age structure table and (b) the population aged 15 and over is given here as 15,345.
  5. NB figures for sub-divisions of the occupational orders have not been checked.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
occ_1951_sm_f_pkey Primary key adm_cnty, lgd_name, lg_type
occ_1951_sm_f_dist_idx   admc_unit, lg_dist, lg_type
occ_1951_sm_f_idx_unit Unique g_unit


The table has the following associated constraints:

occ_1951_sm_f_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

lgd_name Text string (max.len.=36). Name of Local Government District as it appeared in the original report, i.e. lower case.
lg_dist Text string (max.len.=36). Name of Local Government District in standardised form: upper case, all hyphens removed, etc.
lg_type Text string (max.len.=6). Type of Local Government District.
adm_cnty Text string (max.len.=28). Name of Administrative County containing the district.
tot_pop Integer number. Total Population.
tot_o15 Integer number. Total Occupied Population aged 15 and over.
tot_occ Integer number. Total occupied (orders I-XXVII).
retired Integer number. Retired.
employers Integer number. Employers.
managers Integer number. Managers.
operatives Integer number. Operatives.
selfempl Integer number. Self-employed.
unempl Integer number. Unemployed.
ii_agric Integer number. II Agricultural, etc. occupations.
ii_1_ag_hort Integer number. 1. Agricultural and horticultural occupations.
vi_metal Integer number. VI Workers in metal manufacture, engineering.
vi_16_elec_app Integer number. 16. Electrical apparatus makers, etc. (n.e.s.).
vii_textile Integer number. VII Textile workers.
vii_2_spinners Integer number. 2. Spinners, doublers.
vii_3_winders Integer number. 3. Winders, warpers, sizers, drawers-in.
vii_4_weavers Integer number. 4. Weavers.
vii_6_bleachers Integer number. 6. Bleachers, dyers, finishers.
viii_leather Integer number. VIII Leather workers, fur dressers.
ix_clothing Integer number. IX Makers of textile goods and articles of dress.
ix_1_garments Integer number. 1. Garment workers.
ix_383_tailors Integer number. 383 Tailors/Tailoresses.
ix_385_dressmkers Integer number. 385 Dressmakers and light clothing makers.
ix_386_machinists Integer number. 386 Machinists.
x_food_drink Integer number. X Makers of foods, drinks and tobacco.
x_1_food Integer number. 1. Makers of foods.
xii_paper Integer number. XII Makers of, workers in, paper; printers.
xii_3_printers Integer number. 3. Printers, bookbinders.
xvi_admin Integer number. XVI. Administrators, directors, mangeresses.
xvii_transport Integer number. XVII Persons employed in transport, etc.
xvii_5_other_comm Integer number. 5. Other workers in communications, etc.
xviii_commerce Integer number. XVIII. Commercial, finance, etc.(exc. Clerical).
xviii_1_comm_occ Integer number. 1. Commercial occupations.
xviii_720_shop_own Integer number. 720-729 Owners, etc. of retail businesses.
xviii_730_shop_ass Integer number. 730-739 Saleswomen, shop assistants.
xviii_2_finance Integer number. 2. Persons employed in finance and insurance.
xix_profession Integer number. XIX. Professional and technical (exc. clerical).
xix_770_nurses Integer number. 770-772 Nurses and midwives.
xix_780_teachers Integer number. 780,785 Teachers.
xxii_pers_serv Integer number. XXII. Persons engaged in personal service.
xxii_862_hotel_own Integer number. 862-865 Owners, etc. of cafes, hotels, etc.
xxii_867_waiters Integer number. 867 Waitresses, still room hands.
xxii_876_cleaners Integer number. 876 Charwomen, office cleaners.
xxii_877_laundry Integer number. 877-878 Laundry workers, dry cleaners.
xxii_882_cooks Integer number. 882 Cooks.
xxii_883_other_domestic Integer number. 883-885 Other domestic servants (indoor).
xxiii_clerks Integer number. XXIII. Clerks, typists, etc.
xxiii_890_other_clerks Integer number. 890-895 Costing, estimating, other clerks.
xxiii_891_typists Integer number. 891-892 Typists, secretaries.
xxiv_warehouse Integer number. XXIV. Warehousewomen, storekeepers, packers, etc.
xxvi_unskilled Integer number. XXVI. Workers in unskilled occupations (n.e.s.).
other_occ Integer number. I,III-V,XI,XIII-XV,XX,XXI,XXV,XXVII Others.
admc_unit Integer number. ID number of the Administrative County containing the district, as defined in the AUO. To compute county totals, group by these IDs but exclude rows where lg_type='NT'.
g_unit Integer number. ID number of the local government district, as defined in the AUO.