Occupational Status (unemployment etc) for 1951

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OCC_1951_EW_STAT     (6566535)
Occupational Status (unemployment etc) for 1951
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
Reporting units are identified by:
   Administrative County
   Local Government District
   Local Government District Type
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. These data were transcribed from tables 20, 'Selected Occupations with Status Aggregates' for ACs, CBs, MBs and UDs with over 50,000 population, and Table 21, 'Selected Occupations with Status Aggregates - Abridged analysis' for urban areas under 50,000 population and Rural Districts, in Census 1951 England and Wales Occupational Tables (General Register Office, London: HMSO, 1956).


  1. This is a highly selective transcription of tables containing very detailed data on industrial structure; a fuller transcription is being constructed as 'occ_1951'.


  1. The data were checked at QMW to ensure that, for each sex, the sum of 'occupied' and 'retired' always equals the total aged over 15.
  2. The data were checked at QMW to ensure that, for each sex, the sum of 'employers', 'managers', 'operatives', 'self-employed' and'unemployed' always equals the value for 'occupied'.
  3. NB there may be a problem with the association between rows of data and place names in Essex, and these rows should be checked.
  4. The geographical units have been cross-checked against the GBHGIS administrative unit gazetteer to ensure that all units are correctly identified. The unit names and types have been standardised. Each unit has a unique unit ID assigned to it and this can be used to cross-reference against other data-sets.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. Danny Dorling: No restrictions have been placed on their use.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
occ_1951_ew_stat_pkey Primary key rec_num
occ_1951_ew_stat_g_unit_idx Unique g_unit, rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

occ_1951_ew_stat_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

cnty_name Text string (max.len.=44). Name of Administrative County unit as it appeared in the original report.
adm_cnty Text string (max.len.=44). Standardised name of Administrative county.
dist_name Text string (max.len.=64). Name of Local Government District unit as it appeared in the original report.
lg_dist Text string (max.len.=64). Standardised name of local government district.
lg_type Text string (max.len.=16). Type of Local Government District.
nation_unit Integer number. [No description available]
adm_cnty_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for county unit.
g_unit Integer number. Unique ID number for local government district unit.
sex Text string (max.len.=6). Sex to which the data refer: 'F'=Females, 'M'=Male, 'T'=Total.
total Integer number. Total Population, all ages.
tot_o15 Integer number. Total Population (occupied and retired) aged 15 and above.
occupied Integer number. Total Occupied, aged 15 and above.
retired Integer number. Number of Retired, aged 15 and above.
employer Integer number. Number of Employers, aged 15 and above.
manager Integer number. Number of Managers, aged 15 and above.
operativ Integer number. Number of Operatives, aged 15 and above.
selfempl Integer number. Number of Self-Employed, aged 15 and above.
unempl Integer number. Number of Unemployed, aged 15 and above.
notes Text string (max.len.=1004). Notes.
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.