1891 occupational statistics for counties in England and Wales.

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1891 occupational statistics for counties in England and Wales.
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Paul Ell
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The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. Holds a partial transcription (computerised by David Gatley) of 'Table 7 - Occupations of Males and Females aged 10 years and upwards in the Registration Division and Counties', taken from Census of England and Wales (53 AND 54 Vict. C. 61 - 1891 - Ages, Condition as to Marriage, Occupations, Birth-Places and Infirmities . A separate Table 7 is produced for each of the 11 Census Divisions but they have been combined here.
  2. The transcription records totals for males and females for each occupation for registration counties. Data for Census Divisions have not been computerised.
  3. The original table does not include footnotes.


  1. These data were transcribed by David Gatley
  2. The data were standardised by CDDA. It should be noted that the format of the data may be changed to reflect more closely the data structure of other occupational datasets digitised by CDDA.
  3. The index to this table was compiled using the following fields: x_county and occupation.
  4. We are awaiting clarification on a number of matters from Dr Gatley. Most significantly, his data include entries for 'London' in the x-county field whereas London was a Census Division. Hence, at present the geographical field is noted as x_county.


  1. Data were checked by David Gatley at the University of Stafforshire. CDDA did not have access to the original printed table and no further checks have been conducted.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. David Allan Gatley: These data were computerised by David Gatley. His written permission is required before they may be used.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
occ_1891_idx Unique occupation, x_county

Columns within table:

x_county Text string (max.len.=104). The name of the county to which the data relate.
occupation Text string (max.len.=204). The occupational group as stated in the census table .
m_occ Integer number. Total males in the specified occupation.
f_occ Integer number. Total females in the specified occupation.