Q: How can I get copies of the map data?

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A: If you want to simply cut and paste map images from the site, please read the relevant parts of the "General" FAQs.

A selection of our data is available for download through the "Data access" section of the web site:

  • We have made some of our Digital Boundary Data available for anyone to use, under a Creative Commons license. Please respect the terms of the license, which require acknowledgment and do not permit commercial re-use.
  • If you are a student or member of staff in a UK school or university which belongs to the UK Access Management Federation, you can download further digital boundary datasets and scanned map images, all with specific licences, via the Shibboleth log-in.
  • If you have access via the UK Federation, you can also download copies of our digital boundaries as full national datasets from the UK Data Service Census Support at EDINA (formerly known as UKBORDERS), or as desktop GIS files from the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex. Please note that the funding for both these institutions means they can only assist academic researchers, not the general public so please don't ask.

We are not a dissemination service and do not have the resources to process individual requests for data ourselves, so again please don't ask. Some of our more detailed boundaries have been licensed for commercial use, and the resulting income plays an important role in keeping this site running as a free public resource. We are of course happy to receive enquiries about academic or commercial collaboration, and you can contact us at gbhgis@port.ac.uk.

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